Our Business

Tri-Star Molding Inc. has been in injection molding for half a decade. Tri-Star Molding was founded by one of the former owners of Ripley Industries' Security Heel, Steve Roy. Since Tri-Star's creation, we have continued to work with former customers of Ripley Industries--and have gained the loyalty of many new customers along the way. We thank our customers greatly for their continued support.

With the founding of Tri-Star Molding, we have continued to grow in physical size, molding capabilities, and in our domestic and international customer bases. We are always on the look out for new customers.  Our products are all of exceptional quality and we pride ourselves on our great service to our customers before and after the sale. The key to Tri-Star's success is from the hard work and dedication of our wonderfully skilled and highly trianed manufacturing team, continued hard-work of our managing department, and most importantly from the continued support and loyalty of our greatly appreciated customers from around the world.

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Phone: 207-783-5820

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